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Understanding the Costs Behind Ethical ABA Therapy

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy is highly effective for individuals with autism and other developmental disorders. It's also a service that requires significant investment. At Progressive Steps Training and Consultation Inc, we want to provide transparency about how funds are utilized to ensure the highest quality of care.

1. Staff Expertise and Training

The largest portion of our budget is allocated to our staff. This includes salaries for our highly skilled behaviour analysts who require continuous training and development to provide the best possible care. This category reflects our commitment to maintaining a highly qualified team to deliver superior therapy outcomes.

2. Operational and Facility Costs

Operational costs, such as rent and utilities, are critical for maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for therapy. These expenses increase with the opening of Progressive Life Centre, which allow us to serve more clients efficiently and provide a structured setting conducive to learning and development.

3. Program Materials and Resources

Program materials form an essential part of our budget. These are crucial for customizing therapy to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that our interventions are as effective as possible.

4. Comprehensive Care and Coordination

Our services extend beyond direct therapy to include planning, coordination, and ongoing assessment. These activities are vital to ensuring personalized care and are integrated into our overall cost structure.

5. Travel Expenses

Travel expenses are necessary for providing in-home services and for staff travel related to training and development. These costs ensure that our services are accessible and that our staff remains at the forefront of ABA therapy practice. Moreover, the rising cost of gas prices has significantly impacted this area of our budget. As fuel prices continue increase, managing these expenses becomes increasingly challenging, reflecting a variable yet critical investment in our ability to deliver services across a broader geographic area.

6. Employee Benefits

Investments in employee benefits are crucial for attracting and retaining qualified professionals. These benefits help ensure that we continue to uphold our high standards of care and support our staff's well-being.

7. Administration and Other Professional Fees

Our administrative and professional service fees, which include expenses for legal and accounting services, are vital for the efficient operation and regulatory compliance of our practice.

8. Technological Costs

We invest in technology to enhance service efficiency, effectiveness and to ensure our client data is protected and secure. This includes software for scheduling, data analysis, client management, and website maintenance, all essential for running a modern therapy practice.

9. Insurance Costs

Insurance is a small but crucial part of our expenses, providing coverage for liability and other risks associated with delivering therapy services.

Why Centre-Based Services Are More Cost-Efficient

Being able to provide services at the Progressive Life Centre will help reduce costs by allowing us to share resources and minimize travel time and expenses. This setup enhances our ability to offer more sessions and reduces the per-client cost, making it a more economical option.


Understanding the breakdown of expenses in ABA therapy helps clarify why this specialized service is a significant investment. At Progressive Steps Training and Consultation Inc, we ensure that every dollar spent is aimed at providing the highest quality of care and maximizing client outcomes. We are dedicated to supporting our clients and their families with comprehensive, transparent, and empathetic services. For more detailed information about our programs and our approach to managing costs, we welcome you to contact us or visit our website.

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