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Brain Hacks

Brain Hacks is an interactive, group-based program for teenagers that uses a collaborative approach to help strengthen executive functioning skills such as: prioritizing, planning, organization, time management, problem-solving and self-management.


Group runs for: 16 weeks 

Teen Group 

When: Thursdays 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Cost: $75/week ($1200)

Location: Ajax Community Centre (75 Centennial Road, Ajax)

**Parent participation is highly recommended**

Learn more about our Brain Hacks Groups and if it will be the right fit for you.

Why should I sign up?

This answer may be very different for everyone! Generally, if you have difficulties managing tasks and navigating life on your own, without support from adults, this group will benefit you!

This group will benefit you if...

  • You struggle to manage your time, plan events, keep your belongings organized, solve problems on your own or have difficulties completing everyday tasks without parental assistance

  • You sometimes feel overwhelmed by tasks and are not sure where to start 

  • You often complete preferred tasks and forget to do your important ones

  • You looking to increase your independence in many areas of life

  • You have difficulties navigating high school without a lot of support from adults in your life

  • You dream of attending college or university but do not feel confident in your skills

  • You wish to start working but you're not sure how to juggle school and a part-time job

If ANY of the above statements stood out to you, or you generally have difficulties with organization, time management or any other executive functioning skills, this group will be a great fit for you!


As you get older, the complex skills listed above become more apparent in everyday life. Whether you are hoping to increase your independence with everyday tasks or you have a more long-term goal, the Brain Hacks group can help you build a solid foundation to get you there.

What can I expect?

Each group session will take place at a fun location and will be led by the same facilitator(s) each week for 10 weeks.

Meetings will be interactive, and will often begin with a check-in from everyone on how their week has been and any goals they have worked on.


The group will then begin their topic lesson for the week. The facilitator will ensure that there are ample opportunities for participation, examples and fun activities to help learn these tricky skills.


Near the end of the session, the facilitator will ask each participant to set a goal for the week ahead, and parents may be asked to attend at the end as an accountability partner for the participant.


Ultimately, you can expect to meet like-minded friends and learn executive functioning skills within a safe and supportive environment.

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