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Progressive Steps provides in-person ABA services for families in the Durham Region, York Region and the Greater Toronto Area and provides Telehealth services for families everywhere.

If you'd like help with:

  • Advocating for appropriate special education

  • Learning about IEP or IPRC meetings

  • Reviewing and IEP or report card

  • Someone to attend a school meeting

Contact Karen Robinson,

Special Education Advocate 

If you'd like support with increase safety for staff or family members including:

  • Safety needs assessment & curriculum development

  • Implementation of physical safety skills

  • Specialized safety approaches or techniques for complex events & outlier situations

Contact Emmanuel Bratsalis, Behavioural Safety Specialist 

If you'd like to learn more about any of our group programs including: 

  • Our PEERS group for adolescents or adults

  • Our Social Saturday group

  • Our After School Group

  • Our Brain Hacks Executive Functioning group

  • Our Girls Group for adolescent and teenaged girls 

Contact Judit Albitz,

Group Programs Manager 

If you would like more information about: 

  • Our one-to-one ABA programs and services

  • Behaviour consultation

  • Parent support 

  • Or if you're not sure what program or service would be the best fit for your family member

Contact Kerry-Anne Robinson, Clinical Director & Owner

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