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Progressive Life

Plans for our Progressive Life program are well underway. Progressive Life will be a centre-based program for individuals aged 14 years and up who can benefit from evidence-based strategies to learn life skills, functional academics, vocational skills, employment skills and social skills. 


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Progressive Life will be housed in a customized facility where participants will have the opportunity to practice targeted community and vocational skills in simulated & real life settings. 

The Vision:

Increase opportunities for community integration and success

  • ABA-based teaching strategies supervised by Board Certified Behaviour Analysts. 

  • An operational restaurant and store will provide opportunities for participants to learn a variety of skills associated with community participation and employment.  

  • A gym will provide participants with the opportunity to increase their leisure skills, health and fitness.

  • An art and music studio will provide participants with the opportunity to explore and expand on interests and talents.

  • Classrooms will be available for learning functional academics in a quiet environment.  

  • Community partnerships will help facilitate transition into the workplace and opportunities for employment.

Community awareness and acceptance

  • Catering and take-out services provided by our restaurant, operated by our program participants

  • Increase in understanding and acceptance of individuals with differences.

  • Increase in understanding of ways to support neurodivergent employees.

  • Increase in understanding the benefits of employing adults with ASD.

Teaching and educating

  • Relationships will be formed with local colleges and universities to provide on-site opportunities for students to learn evidence-based ways to work with teens and adults. 

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