Helping our clients achieve their highest potential and greatest quality of life.


Progressive Steps Training & Consultation Inc. offers in-home and community based ABA services to individuals with ASD and other developmental disabilities of all ages in the Durham region, GTA and York Region.

We believe that individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities deserve fun, safe and effective treatment provided by highly qualified professionals.  

Our Promise to Caregivers

  • We listen and base our assessment and treatment plan around you.

  • We tackle barriers head-on and develop ways to work around or overcome them.

  • We integrate our experience and compassion with evidence-based methods.

  • We provide parent training and support so you're able to generalize skills learned, and address new challenges as they arise. 

  • Our clinical team is well trained and supervised so you will always have confidence in the care we provide.

Our Promise to Clients

  • We support you in achieving goals that are important to you.

  • We celebrate your neurodiversity, help you utilize your strengths and support you in pursuing things that you’re passionate about.

  • We break down complex situations and skills into manageable pieces and support you in reaching one goal at a time.

  • Sessions are fun, engaging and the activities we do are always your choice.

  • We listen to you, no matter how you communicate, to help meet your needs.

Our ABA services can be covered using OAP funding, Passport funding or extended health benefits when our consulting psychologist becomes involved.

Let's connect! Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to learn more about our services and if we're right for you.

Our Services

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Direct ABA Programs 

Direct ABA refers to treatment provided directly to an individual for a limited number of goals (Focused ABA) or treatment of multiple developmental domains (Comprehensive ABA/IBI).


Complex Direct ABA Programs 

Due to the complexity of an individual or the ABA programming, it may be clinically necessary for the direct one-on-one work with the individual to be completed by a Lead or Senior Behaviour Therapist or Clinical Supervisor

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Behavioural Consultation Services


We work directly with caregivers to help decrease interfering behaviour and teach essential skills for living.

Teacher and Pupil

Special Education Advocacy


Providing education and support to enable parents and/or guardians to become proactive advocates for their children's educational needs.


Psychologist Consultation/Supervision


Treatment provided directly to an individual for a limited number of goals Focused ABA or treatment of multiple developmental domains Complex ABA.