Kerry-Anne Robinson, M.Ed., BCBA
Clinical Director
Progressive Steps Training and Consultation


​Kerry-Anne has a twin brother with a developmental disability and a younger brother with Autism. They inspired her to begin working with individuals with unique needs and highlighted the need
for evidence-based services for adolescents and adults with ASD and other developmental disabilities. She has a passion for increasing the independence of those she works with and enhancing their overall quality of life. 
Kerry-Anne is also a Mom and understands the challenges that families face when trying to implement parenting strategies and teach skills on a day to day basis.  ​

​She has experience providing services for individuals with ASD and other developmental disabilities from all ages, ranging from toddler to middle-aged, in a variety of settings. She has provided training to students, staff and care providers on functional behaviour assessment, teaching functional living skills, precision teaching, and preparing for life after high school.


We work with families and teams in Durham Region and the Greater Toronto Area. We're able to provide consultation and support to individuals living outside that region via telephone or zoom.

Education & 


Kerry-Anne Robinson is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who has been providing services to children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities for over 20 years. ​

She received a Bachelor of Science with honours, majoring in Psychology, from University of Toronto, and a Master of Education degree from the University of Alberta, majoring in Special Education. Her graduate research and projects focused on vocational training for adults with developmental disabilities and included an internship at the Princeton Child Development Institute in the Adult Life Skills Program. ​Kerry-Anne is also a certified PEERS® service provider.

Kerry-Anne has received extensive training and supervision in empowering parents to transform the lives of their troubled teens and has supported over 50 families in getting their children back on the right path


Associates of Progressive Steps Training and Consultation include;

  • Registered Behaviour Therapists (RBT's)

  • Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analysts (BCaBA's) and those working towards certification

  • Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA's) and those working towards certification

  • Child and Youth Workers

  • Registered Psychotherapists

All of them share the same passion for improving the quality of life of others.  


Our goals are your goals. We listen to what you say and what you want and base our assessment and treatment plan around you. We tackle barriers head-on and develop ways to work around or overcome them. We work to understand what's contributing to the challenging behaviour, by integrating our experience and compassion with evidence-based methods, and we consult with others when needed.  We rely on the perspectives of the clients, families and teams we work with when conducting assessments and developing treatment plans.  We break down complex situations into manageable pieces and support you in reaching one manageable goal at a time. We put a strong emphasis on parent and staff education and training so you're able to generalize skills learned, and address new challenges as they arise.



Kerry-Anne Robinson


Owner & Clinical Director

Kerry-Anne Robinson is the owner and clinical director of Progressive Steps Training and Consultation Inc. She oversees the clinical direction and programming for all clients with the support of the Clinical Supervisors and Senior Behaviour Therapists. 


She has a passion for increasing the independence of those she works with and enhancing their overall quality of life. Kerry-Anne values providing evidenced-based services that meet the needs of clients and their caregivers through ongoing collaboration with clients and caregivers and high levels of support and supervision of behaviour therapists. 


Kerry-Anne has a twin brother with a developmental disability and a younger brother with Autism. Kerry-Anne is also a Mom and understands the challenges that families face when trying to implement parenting strategies and teach skills on a day to day basis. Kerry-Anne enjoys spending time with her family by going for hikes, camping and relaxing on the couch for weekly movie nights. 


  • 20+ years providing ABA services 

  • 15+ years clinically supervising ABA programs

  • Supported over 50 families with getting their troubled teens back on the right path

  • Training to students, staff and care providers on

    • functional behaviour assessment and functional analysis, 

    • teaching functional living skills, 

    • precision teaching, 

    • preparing for life after high school and,

    • using a collaborative model for behaviour consultation

  • Taught courses at George Brown College

  • Guest lectured at Brock University

  • Presented at conferences locally and internationally



  • Honours Bachelor of Science (Psychology)

  • Master of Education (Special Education)

  • Graduate Coursework in Applied Behaviour Analysis

  • Board Certified Behaviour Analyst 

  • Internship at the Princeton Child Development Institute

  • Precision Teaching

  • Direct Instruction

  • Acceptance and Commitment therapy (training and supervision)

  • DNA-V model 

  • Multisystemic Therapy for delinquent youth (training and supervision) 

  • Certified PEERS® service provider.

  • Practical Functional Analysis 

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Karen Robinson

Office Administrator and Special Education Advocate

Karen Robinson is a certified Special Education Advocate. Karen can assist parents/guardians as they navigate their way through IEP and IPRC meetings. She can also provide guidance if they have to deal with school administrators regarding behavioural and/or bullying issues at school. Karen offers a variety of services such as advocacy training, and support at school meetings and appeals.


Her objective is to develop her clients into informed, proactive advocates for their children's educational needs. Her clients are empowered by knowing current Education and Human Rights legislation that pertains to their children's rights and special education needs. They are also empowered by having the skills and tools that enable them to articulate their children's needs to school staff and school board administrators in a way that is both assertive and collaborative.


School-aged clients of Progressive Steps Training and Consultation Inc. often need educational accommodations and additional services and support at school. Karen can assist parents/guardians as they navigate their way through IEP and IPRC meetings. She can also provide guidance if they have to deal with school administrators regarding behavioural and/or bullying issues at school. Karen offers a variety of services such as advocacy training, and support at school meetings and appeals.


Karen enjoys living a healthy lifestyle, going on cruises, historical romance novels and movies, home DIY projects and her 4 beautiful, smart, talented grandchildren.



  • 35+ years navigating and learning about the special education system

  • 25+ years of navigating and learning about autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

  • 20+ years providing advocacy training and consultation

  • Has provided training, consultation and support to hundreds of families

  • Has provided advocacy training workshops all over Ontario

  • Mother of 4 children, two of whom has required special education services at both public and catholic schools

  • Mother of child with severe autism

  • Sat on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Association of Education Advocates

  • Served on the Chapter Leadership Council of Autism Ontario - Durham Region for three years.

  • Over 20 years of office administration in a variety of corporations


  • Registered Behaviour Technician course work completed

  • Advocacy training and certification

  • Knowledge of the Education Act: specifically Reg. 181/98, PPM 140, IEP, IPRCs and the appeal process, Ontario Human Rights, Ontario Special Education Tribunals

  • A variety of business/accounting certifications and designations

  • Worker Health and Safety Awareness 

  • First Aid/CPR certified

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Olivia Ng


Clinical Supervisor

Olivia Ng is a Clinical Supervisor with Progressive Steps Training and Consultation Inc. She provides clinical supervision to Senior Behaviour Therapists and Behaviour Therapists supporting clients in the Ontario Autism Program.


Olivia has supported hundreds of individuals with autism and developmental disabilities across the lifespan for 20 years in both public and private sectors. Through this work, she has developed a personal philosophy that emphasizes compassionate and collaborative care for every client. Everyone has a story, and each story must be carefully considered in its unique context, while mindfully respecting the privacy, rights, wishes, and ambitions of the client. Olivia has provided clinical mentorship to numerous clinicians and students of behaviour analysis while espousing this very philosophy.

In her personal time, Olivia is a competitive amateur equestrian who loves to jump over obstacles with her horse.


  • 20 years of ABA implementation, program development, teaching, training, and leadership

  • Lecturer at Western University in the Master of Professional Education (ABA) program

  • Has published peer-reviewed research in autism, developmental disabilities, and least-intrusive interventions

  • Has presented on these topics at local and international conferences


  • Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, 2012

  • Master of Arts (Applied Disability Studies, Applied Behaviour Analysis), 2012

  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), 2005

  • Crisis prevention, functional analysis, severe problem behaviour

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Kristin Bain


Senior Behaviour Therapist

Kristin Bain is a Senior Behaviour Therapist at Progressive Steps Training & Consultation and has a Master’s Degree in Applied Disability Studies, specializing in ABA. She provides direct program implementation, program development, clinical supervision and behavioural consultation for clients and their families. Kristin is currently pursuing Board Certification as a Behaviour Analyst.


Kristin is passionate about helping children, youth and adults expand their skills, maximize their potential and live their best lives! She values trauma-informed best practices and emphasizes a collaborative and naturalistic approach to evidence-based intervention. Kristin believes that if a client does not learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn! 


When she is not working, Kristin often spends her time with her friends and family, camping, kayaking and ATVing in the great outdoors. She also loves getting creative and enjoys painting and formulating natural skincare products for her friends and family.



  • 8 years providing behavioural analytic services to children, youth, adults and their families. 

  • 5 years providing training and clinical supervision to front-line staff & care providers.

  • Training staff, care providers & other professionals on:

    • Naturalistic behavioural interventions: teaching through play.

    • Trauma-informed best practices for severe challenging behaviour.

    • Antecedent Interventions.

    • Developing Language & Verbal behaviour.

  • Presented at various local workshops.

  • Articles published in “Autism Matters” Magazine, by Autism Ontario. 

  • Collaborative article published in The University of Toronto’s official newspaper “The Varsity” advocating on behalf of needs-based therapy. 


Education & Training

  • Advanced Diploma (Behavioural Science Technology)

  • Bachelor of Arts (Applied Behaviour Analysis - Autism)

  • Master of Applied Disability Studies (Specializing in Applied Behaviour Analysis)

  • Early Intervention & Natural Environment Teaching 

  • Advanced Verbal Behaviour & Language Development 

  • The Balance Program Parent Training

  • RUBI Parent Training

  • Practical Functional Analysis & Skill Based Treatment of Severe Challenging Behaviour 

  • Sleep Treatment 

  • Social Skills for Children & Adolescents

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

  • DNA-V Model

  • Direct Instruction 

  • Evidence-Based Telehealth Services 

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Brandon Taguibao

Behaviour Therapist

Brandon Taguibao is a behaviour therapist at Progressive Steps Training and Consultation Inc. Brandon works directly with children with ASD to help improve their quality of life.


When Brandon volunteered in an IBI classroom, he saw firsthand how teaching using applied behavioural analysis was effective and became passionate about teaching clients with developmental disabilities while implementing ABA strategies, as well as making learning as fun as possible for children. Brandon believes that collaboration between fellow professionals and families is the most effective way of enhancing one’s quality of life.


Brandon enjoys listening to and playing music, cooking, and loves to travel.



  • 4+ years as an instructor therapist in home and IBI settings

  • Teaching in small group setting

  • Placement experience 

    • Assessing behaviours in classrooms

    • Training staff in childcare centre

    • Implementing intensive toilet training procedure



  • Advanced Diploma in Behavioural Science Technology with Honours

  • CPI Training

  • Precision Teaching

  • Direct Instruction

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Saganaa Pirapakaran


Junior Behaviour Therapist

Saganaa Pirapakaran is a Junior Behaviour Therapist and is currently pursuing her RBT credential at Progressive Steps Training and Consultation Inc. She is responsible for providing direct intervention, implementing programs, recording data and attending clinical team meetings.


Saganaa has a passion for working with children and supporting their developmental needs and watching them flourish in their day-to-day lives. She values the importance of helping children develop skills in self-efficacy and increase autonomy to support their development.  


Saganaa spends her free time participating in a range of sports such as basketball, volleyball, swimming and football. She believes that playing sports has given her the opportunity to meet and learn about individuals of various backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. She particularly enjoys playing basketball since the fast paced nature of the games makes it exciting. 


  • 7+ years working with children between the ages of 1-10

  • 4 years working as an Early Childhood Educator  

  • Academic tutor at Seneca college 

  • Co-op student at St. Mother Teresa Catholic Academy as an ECE in a Kindergarten classroom

  • Undergraduate Research Student at Seneca College

  • 1+ years working with children with specials needs and creating individualized program plan

  • Skills in utilizing several assessment tools such as ASQ-3, looksee checklist, and Brigance

  • Have extensive knowledge and experience in implementing How Does Learning Happen in programs 



  • Honours Bachelor of Child Development 

  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education 

  • Registered Early Childhood Educator 

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Autism and Behavioural Science 

  • RIRO Resiliency Skills Training (Adult and Children)

  • Crisis Prevention Institute Training 

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